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Date Added:24 July, 2012

Author: Welltek Software

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With 001 File Joiner & Splitter Pro you can join any group of files with extensions .001, .002, .003, etc., back to their original name and size. Besides, you can also split files in as many smaller pieces as you need, and recover the original file just by double-clicking in the .001 file. Restore your split files even if 001 File Joiner & Splitter Pro is not installed in your system! This small and easy to use application allows you to split any of your files in any size you need. You can use pre-set sizes (for DVD-R, CD-R, floppy disk, etc.) or set your preferred file size. In order to recover your original file in its full size, you do not need to have 001 File Joiner & Splitter Pro installed in your computer, as long as you create a .BAT file when splitting your file. Just click on that file and the program will join all the pieces together–a very useful functionality when sharing your split files with others. This application will join any set of files that follows the .001, .002, etc. pattern, regardless of the splitter used. To save you space in your system, you also have the option to delete the different parts once joined, or the original file once it has been split.

Systems: Windows

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